*Mr. Somes is working on a second novel now, "The Jefferson Commission" about a rock concert promoter who finds it much more lucrative to recruit investors than to actually produce rock concerts.  We'll learn about the fate of Acadia and once again C.T. will come to the rescue.  There's also a government interest in the promoter from some very powerful senators and a CIA foreign service officer is introduced, Margo, also known as "Jane Bond!"    Should be out early next year.

*After that he is plans a novel called "The Witches of New Harmony" when we find the true identity of Acadia and we learn what Tina's motive is in teaching a STEM class to high school kids.

*Also in the works is a fourth novel to be titled "The Mannequin Murderer"  about a serial killer who strangles elderly widows and poses them like mannequins.  The obvious suspect surprisingly turns out to be innocent and once again Special Agent C.T. solves the crime.

A recent edition of "Publisher's Weekly" highlighted 55 new fiction books from all that have recently been released.  "Beware of the Banker" was one of them!    "Publisher's Weekly" is sent to libraries, book stores and publishers.

A book "launch" party has been postponed due to the pandemic.   The guest list will be limited.  If you would like details when they are finalized send an email.

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BIG NEWS:   "Beware of the Banker" has been nominated as a contestant in the 2020 Reader's Favorite International Book Award contest in the Crime Fiction category!   This is big news for book writers.  Judges will be reviewing all entries and the winners will be announced in early September.  Cross your fingers!