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Beware of the Banker

Bruce, performing "Strange Snow"  on the haunted guitar!



"Beware of the Banker" is the first novel from author Barry Somes.  A resident of Maine, this book pulls from his personal experience as a banker as well as research done at the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. 


The story follows a banker named Tony with a serious gambling addiction.  Desperate for a way to get out of debt he begins to plan a robbery at the very bank branch he works for!  Along the way, he recruits a couple wanting to follow in the steps of Bonnie and Clyde.  The ensuing crime spree gets the notice of the FBI and the three find themselves in much dire circumstances than they had planned.

Readers looking to see if Tony and his crew can escape capture can purchase the book at bookstores everywhere, or online at Apple iTunes, Amazon Books (Mystery and Suspense category) or from Barnes and Noble.