Barry is a lifelong resident of Maine.  He graduated from the University of Maine where he was president of his fraternity then went on for an advanced degree in holistic theology.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club, served on the Board of Directors of the Greater Portland Convention & Visitors Bureau,  chaired a committee with the Portland Chamber of Commerce, volunteered with the Falmouth Fire Department and Cumberland Rescue Unit.  He graduated from the COPS program (Citizens Oriented Policing School).  He completed private pilot ground school.  He was employed by a Portland-based commercial bank for seven years before becoming self-employed in the tour & travel industry (where he earned the highest professional ranking in the industry; Certified Travel Consultant).  He founded the Lids for Kids charity, a non-profit organization formed to provide local children with warm winter clothing for the cold weather months.  He enjoys golf and gardening.  Few know it but he also took a course in how to be a circus clown taught by an instructor from Ringling Brothers.  He is a descendant of Abigail Somes who, as a teenager, was accused of witchcraft during the historic Salem witch trials.

Barry's grandfather was a Maine storyteller and popular after dinner speaker.  He enjoyed entertaining tourists with his Maine humor.  Barry's book is very entertaining and often shows his sense of humor.  It is a story told as if he was  speaking directly to the reader.  Previous to this Barry focused on children's stories.  Reviews have called this "a book that you don't know what's going to happen from page to page."  "Fun to read."

Greely  Institute with its' iconic cupola  (from "Beware of the Banker")

This is where "Beware of the Banker" ends.  Hope the dozen red roses doesn't give away the ending!

A scene from "Beware of the Banker."  This is the window table where Tony and Clyde meet at "The Leaping Fish" Tavern.  It is where they plot their robberies.  If you look out the window you can see the lion's head fountain pointed out by Tony in the book.

"Beware of the Banker"

"Beware of the Banker" is a Maine-based crime fiction novel inspired by the true story of Bonnie & Clyde, who, next to Jesse James are the most famous outlaws in U.S. history.  Written by Barry Somes, now available from Amazon Books (Mystery and Suspense catergory),  Barnes and Noble and Apple iTunes.

My family

Left to right:  daughter Sarah, Barry, wife Sally and daughter Hannah.  Photo taken in Quebec City.