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Beware of the Banker

Barry Somes is the book author of "Beware of the Banker." It is a Maine-based crime fiction novel inspired by the true story of Bonnie and Clyde.

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"Beware of the Banker”

"Entertaining story!"

"Unpredictable-you don't know what's going to happen when you turn the page"

About Barry Somes, the Author

A Former Banker but Writer at Heart

Mr. Somes is a lifelong resident of Maine. He graduated from the University of Maine where he was the president of his fraternity. He later went on for an advanced degree in holistic theology.

He served on the Board of Directors of the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Portland. Mr. Somes also chaired a committee with the Portland Chamber of Commerce and volunteered with the Falmouth Fire Department and Cumberland Rescue Unit.

Mr. Somes graduated from the Citizens Oriented Policing School (COPS). He completed private pilot ground school. Later, he was employed by a Portland-based commercial bank for 7 years before becoming self-employed in the travel and tour business. There, he earned the highest professional ranking in the industry and became a certified travel consultant.

He founded the Lids for Kids charity. It is a nonprofit organization formed to provide local children with warm winter clothing for the cold weather months. Outside work, Mr. Somes enjoys golf and gardening. He took a course in how to be a circus clown. He was taught by an instructor from Ringling Brothers. Very few people know this!

He is a descendant of Abigail Somes, who, as a teenager, was accused of witchcraft during the historic Salem witch trials. His grandfather was a Maine storyteller and popular after-dinner speaker. He enjoyed entertaining tourists with his Maine humor.

Mr. Somes’ book is very entertaining and often shows his sense of humor. It is a story told as if he was speaking directly to the reader. Reviews have called this a book that you don't know what's going to happen from page to page. A book that's fun to read!.

Previous to this, he was focused on children's stories. Mr. Somes is a member of the Maine Authors and Publishers Alliance. He has been a featured guest on The Derry Rundlett Show, and "Beware of the Banker" has been featured in Publishers Weekly.

To watch an episode of The Derry Rundlett Show with Mr. Somes as the guest, click the link below:


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Members of the Jefferson Commission with receive a signed copy of "Beware of the Banker," receive invitations to book talks, and invitations to special events. Members will also receive a numbered certificate suitable for framing.

A single or joint membership is $25 and is good for 10 months. Make checks payable to: DIVERSIFIED DOCUMENT PROCESSING and mail to:

Barry Somes

3 Fairfield Court

Yarmouth, Maine 04096.

*The Jefferson Commission is limited to 511 members.


  • Mr. Somes plans a novel called "The Witches of New Harmony." Here, we will find the true identity of Acadia and learn what Tina's motive is in teaching a STEM class to high school kids.
  • Also, in the works is a fourth novel to be titled "The Mannequin Murderer." It is about a serial killer who strangles elderly widows and poses them like mannequins. The obvious suspect surprisingly turns out to be innocent. And once again, Special Agent C.T. solves the crime.
  • A recent edition of Publisher's Weekly highlighted 55 new fiction books from all that have recently been released. "Beware of the Banker" was one of them! Publisher's Weekly is sent to libraries, bookstores, and publishers.
  • A book launch party has been postponed due to the pandemic. The guest list will be limited. If you would like more details when they are finalized, you may send us an email.
  • BIG NEWS: " Beware of the Banker was nominated for the 2020 Readers Favorite International Book Award contest! This is a great achievement for book writers!

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